The Jakii Story

Legend has it that hundreds of years ago my ancestors were royal shoemakers in England. This explains a lot! My great love affair with shoes had to come from somewhere, and so it happens shoes are simply in my blood.

I have lived and breathed shoes all of my life, but it wasn’t until I was living in the UK that I started designing my own. Finding inspiration in Europe was so very easy; the refined Italians that oozed quality and craftsmanship, the Parisians with their effortless fashion and glamour to be found at every street cafe and corner. Europe was a treasure-trove of exciting fashion, igniting my imagination at every step. I got busy sketching my ideas back in London and the rest is history as they say.

Now I work each year in Italy creating the designs, selecting fabrics and accessories and developing the range. Jakii designs glamorous heels with exquisite fabrics, gorgeous Swarovski crystals that are all handmade and sewn by our skilled artisans. IMG_9918 Resized

We have been lucky enough in our first year to be selected as the only shoe brand gifted at the Four Seasons to the celebrity nominees for the Golden Globes, SAG Awards, Grammy’s, Oscars and the Emmy’s in 2015. We have already sent our designs to many celebrities and have had an overwhelming response. ¬†With our new Italian Range that was launched mid 2015 we are now expecting another amazing year ahead!

For the team at Jakii, making shoes is an exciting journey that has only just begun. Jakii is truly an endeavour of the heart, and we hope that you love our shoes as much as we loved creating them.

Kym Hall, Creative Director



PO BOX 343